iTools 4 Download – The perfect management

itools 4 download
In fact, iTools is everything about your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s flawless management. It is not just an alternative to iTunes. iTools 4 download has all you desire since far. Throughout this brave devotee, you can arrange things orderly, administrate media files, edit and everything in a decent manner. Of course, it is totally free with tons of features at this time in an advanced approach. It is the version 4 to support almost all iDevices functioning iOS 11 and lower. And it does not diff...

iOS 11 Jailbreak – Luca Todesco with a new Exploit?

ios 11 jailbreak
It is been a couple of months from pass the word of the eleventh Apple iPhone operating system. The structure offered Files app, Control Center customizations, Siri enhancements and further promised features in an advanced manner becoming the most talkative OS launch. The operating system has been updated with enriched security and with fixes that addressed by recently approached to iOS 11.0.2 and the previous iOS 11.0.1. However, today we are here to recall you that surroundings have been getti...

Download iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.1 – Here is everything

download ios 11.0.1
Hello, everyone! It is great knowing that Apple smoothly endures the hugest iOS 11.0 series polishing the operating system for a better user interest. And now it is about download iOS 11.0.1 and iOS 11.1 that recently launched to the audience and to developers in orderly. Files app, Control Center enhancements, Siri modifications and further features already started functioning. However, reports testify its only 25% of Apple fans engaged with the eleventh OS that ignored the hottest deal for ser...

More about jailbreak iPhone X that you should not miss

jailbreak iphone x
It is been a couple of weeks from the proclamation of all new three iDevice models. And the long-tested iOS 11 too finally dropped on its compatible 64bit devices including latest iPhone 8 Plus/8 and the X too. However, without delay any further, it would be good having all related to jailbreak iPhone X, possibilities and enrichments without miss any single. iPhone X release The September iPhone-centric ceremony of the 2K17 was amazing for it focused on a couple of incredible unveils inclu...

Best Cydia tweaks you should encounter

cydia tweaks
Though it seems the jailbreak community being hushed, there is a lot of discussions regarding best Cydia tweaks. Exist as the key goal, it is fair since everything we handle through jailbreak is governed by considerable apps that allied. However, do not fall apart for those versions could not arrive their destination since rumors said to be prepared for a soon clarification. However, here is the list of our suggestions for whichever compatible jailbroken iDevice. Best Cydia tweaks Though t...

Complete guide to install iOS 11

install ios 11
In accordance with a couple of reports that described regarding iOS 11 setup of Apple fellows around the world, it was only 10% that installed the firmware even after 24 hours from its launch. Seems its hugeness, jailbreak iOS 11 reasons plus a couple of uncertainties drawn the rest 90% away from. However, this narration for the sake of those who incapable but truly desire to swiftly upgrade their beloved iPhone or iPad with. You might be a jailbreak either not. Whatever your position, install i...

Download iOS 11 – Should you upgrade?

download ios 11
As promised, Apple sends forth the eleventh operating system to the onlookers, for all respective 64bit iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Catchy enrichments, advanced Siri, renovated Control Center and more features are there. For it’s been long, here we go through the whole that you should be primed before download iOS 11 without delay any longer. Are you ready? Here we go. Compatible device list of the iOS 11 Latest iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 iPod Touch 6th G iPhone SE iPh...

iPhone X Jailbreak – 5 hidden features

iphone x jailbreak
Since there are numerous reports with highlights of warmest iPhone models, we brought a couple of hidden ones of the iPhone X and that will certainly astound you or down. Will Cydia download iPhone X will recover them? Those who craving entirety of iPhone X jailbreak can refer our prior guidance for further. Here we go through all we captured that you should know. Hidden features of iPhone X Fast charging It is great having such a beneficial feature here and that even have for iPhone 8 us...

iPhone 8 Jailbreak – Everything you should know

iphone 8 jailbreak
Pre-orders of iPhone 8 Plus and 8 are now live. Those who anxious for Apple watch series 3, 4K ATV and iPhone 8/8 Plus have been accepted as planned via the online store and Apple Store app as well. At the moment, the doorway for pre-orders has been unbolted for United States only. However, for we previously unfold you everything concerning the X, here is what we going to catch over iPhone 8 jailbreak. iPhone 8 and 8 Plus for Pre-orders All three separated colors with variant storage model...

The hottest story behind iPhone X jailbreak

iphone x jailbreak
Apple launched the iPhone X celebratory to the spectators during September keynote yesterday. It was an enormous launch of the 2K17 which recall the tenth iPhone anniversary that reveals at the new Steve Jobs Theater as scheduled. Even the device X unveiled for the period that specifically highlighted as “One More Thing” that identical up with the in excess of gossips, wireless charging, OLED display, full glass frame and a couple of multiplex high-quality features. However, let’s endure this na...