“ActiveBoard” apps shows running applications on your iPhone

ActiveBoard is a new tweak which helps you to identify running applications quickly on your iPhone without opening any app switcher. ActiveBoard app designed by Surenix and Filippo Bigarella. They designed and develop this app for iPhone,iPad or iPod running on iOS 7. If you are familiar iOS jailbreak prosess you may remember a jailbreak tool named “ActiveDock”. It has an ability to add OS X- style notifications to iOS. But ActiveDock compatible only iOS 6 or earlier versions.   

ActiveBoard not only identify running applications on your iPhone, iPod or iPad. It also can recognize apps with awaiting notifications. ActiveBoard is a tiny app and it’s completely free to download. You should install and use this app to see action to fully appreciate the beauty.

activeboard, iOs 7

Once you install ActiveBoard There is no option to configure it. You should watch the iPhone’s home screen. The running applications indicate white glow on outlines (following image messages icon shows the white glowing outline). When the applications received notifications, it indicates red glow outline around the icon, as well as the icon will zoom and bouncing on home screen (following image clock icon shows red glow and the 3D zoom effect).

iOS 7, activeboard

ActiveBoard is an important app for when you busy with works. Its help you to release hectic feelings. Its simplify your works. Watch the following video to get more idea about ActiveBoard app.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJe-6CdTA9U]