Apple iWatch will release late 2014

Apple “iWatch” is a fashionable watch running on iOS with many features. Rumors said iWatch will launch end of this year. iWacth will be a huge product as same as iPhone, iPod and iPad.Millions of people waiting for express the new experience. But still Apple didn’t announce the releasing date of SmartWatch (iWatch).

Apple has already started promotion part in several countries. Chinese publication Econnomic Daily News said 65 million units lined up to buy iWatch in this year. 

iWatch, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS jailbreak, apple iPhone, iPad, iPod

Features we expect on Apple iWatch

  • iWatch device running iOS as well as it includes bio-metrics,sensors and other features.
  • Display will be on 1.3/1.5 inch. It will have flexible LG, AMOLED display.
  • Battery life target for 4-5 days.
  • iWatch will be available with few different price scales. It will depend on the options includes.
  • Apple is planning to include some kind of health and sport focus items to iWatch. Such as calories burned, checking heart rate etc.
  • Apple will design iWatch for run iOS 8 version.

iWatch flexible LG, AMOLED Display.

iWatch, iOS 7, iOS 8, iOS jailbreak, apple iPhone, iPad, iPod

So keep in touch with us. We will update our page as soon as possible that we get a news about iWatch. Mostly it will launch late 2014 possibly on August or October.