Betterhomedepot updated – Untethered jailbreak status

BetterHomeDepot utility updated its status for a better and stable experience. As we stated in the earlier report, this is a trendy utility developed to make semi-untethered status to untether by famed Tihmstar. He who was the holder of Phoenix breakout. However, those 32bit fellows recommended the update functioning iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.3.4 can draw the enrichment. Moreover, either with any other higher session, you can downgrade from using the respective tool from the same developer to comprehend BetterHomeDepot untethered jailbreak. Since this is not another breakout, those who are already holding Cydia can only bring into play through. Once you are with all requirements, go further for the update.


More about BetterHomeDepot untethered jailbreak status

As indicated, this is a kind of an implement which downloadable throughout the respective Cydia repository. This was originally addressed for iPhone 4s which is the lowest range of current 32bit range. Though the iDevice has to remain jailbroken status with Home Depot or else Phoenix, iOS 9.3.5 ranges have no the opportunity at all. The reason is uncertain at the moment even behind the second amendment either. It is a great occasion for those individuals who remained for such brave update since far after Pangu 9.3.3.

The hottest amendment supports further iDevices. While you can freshly install this, those devices have the prior session can setup the enhancement. As specified, iPad 3,3 functioning iOS 9.3.2 can now turn into untethered status. Though it also can stable some more 32bit devices, those owners have to add them to the list.


BetterHomeDepot for further versions

Since the utility seems still in it is in progressing session, it is uncertain whether higher iOS versions will also capable to enter this opportunity in future. As some of the 32bit ranges could put their foot on iOS 10.0 versions too, guess they will be able to arrive at such an advanced tool. Though 64bit fellows have yalu102, there is no any single coverage for 32-bit.

It is great if higher versions as well will be able to approach untether status back. At the moment, for it can only resolve two certain device models, there must be an update for the rest as well.


As warned, still the betterhomedepot may transpire boot loop troubles. Those who are with less technical uses better assay away from. Those who feel confident to face any encounter can drive further.

By the way, if you have any other query, refer our previous narration or else submit us below. Stay closer to more about upcoming iOS 11 records for 64bit iPhone and iPad. Within few more days, we may start a new journey behind its jailbreak story. Ahead of that, we have a few more chapters to bring to an end.