BiteSMS 8 – The best messages app for iOS 7,iPhone,iPod..

BiteSMS is the best jailbreak tweak for the stock Messages app.
It arrives with a set of new features. However, it is famous for Quick Compose and Quick Reply features. This tweak allows you to quickly reply to a message received from any place within iDevices .BiteSMS is considered one of the most looked after jailbreak tweak, since it has been regularly updated.


  • You can quickly reply to a message via the pop up, appear by tap on the notification banner or swipe a notification on the Lock screen.
  • You can quickly compose a message through the quick compose interface. The quick compose interface will be appear by pressing one of the volume buttons or tapping on the volume HUD.

This tweak is made available on Cydia for seven (07) days free trial. Once free trial expires, it will starts to showing promotional banners. If you want to get rid of these advertisements, you have to purchase a lifetime license for the cost of $7.99.


  • BiteSMS tweak supports for iOS 5, iOS 6 or iOS 7. And this tweak’s look has been changed to compatible with iOS 7, it is now a pink bite-mark app icon. Because, iOS device users wanted the BiteSMS to go with the style of iOS 7.
  • Finally the BiteSMS 8.0 looks wonderful, and it works as the similar fashion, which we have get used over the time.

As well as BiteSMS offers several additional features such as passcode lock, contact pictures, arranged SMS messages, templates, notification privacy and many more.

Favorite features of this tweak:

  • It is able to mute conversations on personal basis.
  • It is able to insert the last taken photo automatically in to the current conversation.

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