Blackra1n RC3 for IOS 3.1-3.1.2

The easy jailbreak tool Blackra1n RC3 built by George Hotz can jailbreak your iphone running IOS 3.1,3.1.2. No need more time to jailbreak your idevice successfully. It is very simple . After jail breaking, Blackra 1n RC3 gives you more benefits with cydia. Take a look what I have written on the page below. It will be helpful to jailbreak your idevice running ios 3.1,3.1.2 quickly.


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Few things you must know

  •  Blackra1n RC3 can be used both operation systems Mac and windows.
  • Blackra1n RC3 to unlock your idevice, use blacksnow available on cydia
  • Jailbreak with Blackra1n requires ios 3.1.2.[05.11.07 baseband].
  • If you have a new iphone You can’t do untethered jailbreak with your idevice. But you can do tethered jailbreak with Blackra1n RC3.if you do so it is worth to know tethered jailbreak conditions. In briefly, after tethered jailbreakig if you switch off the phone you have to do tethered jailbreak again.
  • If you have jail broken your idevice with an earlier version of Blackra1n (RC1, RC2) it is not necessary to jailbreak again.

 Supporting devices running with [ios 3.1, ios 3.1.1, ios 3.1.2]

  1. I phone 3G
  2. I phone 3GS
  3. I phone 2G
  4. I podtouch 2
  5. I podtouch 3
  6. I podtouch 1

Guide to jailbreak with Blackra1n RC3

  • First of all update itunes to the latest version and restart your computer. Also update to ios 3.1.2 using itunes or icloud if your idevice is not running ios 3.1.2.
  • Download Blackra1n RC3 to your computer using the link given above and reboot the computer again.
  • Now you can plug your idevice to the computer using USB sync cable.
  • Close itunes and launch Blackra1n RC3 then you can see the image [make it ra1n].
  • Click on the button of that image. After clicking the image button your idevice will enter recovery mood and will display an image of now Blackra1n RC3 has started to jailbreak your idevice. Then your idevice will reboot.After rebooting jailbreaking is done.
  • Let’s go to the next step now you can see a Blackra1n icon on your idevice springboard. Check your internet connection works properly and open Blackra1n application on your idevice.
  • Your idevice will display three options called [cydia, rock, icy] to choose. You can select one or both. If you want to unlock your idevice select icy. To install cydia select cydia. Then click on install.
  • After the package you select has installed, you can see that pakage icon on your device springboard [cydia, rock, or icy].
  • Now you can uninstall Blackra1n but no effect your idevice jail broke.
  • After uninstalling Blackra1n, it is worth to reboot your phone again. Everything is done.


More benefits with Blackra1n

  • Installing third party apps, to change your I device fonts, speedily send and reply to sms, install unlimited themes, downloading any video from you tube or other one, to deal with flash imobile cinema, to move your files via Bluetooth, much more……..