iOS 8.4 jailbreak untethered download free – TaiG V2.3

iOS 8.4 jailbreak
TaiG iOS 8.4 jailbreak tool has been updated to another step. Latest TaiG 2.3 was released with new cydia version 1.1.19.Cydia developer, Mr. sharuk has stated that new cydia version allows to work as ‘mobile’ instead of ‘root’ therefore user have an opportunity to modify cydia using jailbreak tweaks, themes….just like in iOS operating system. Cydia installing method in TaiG 2.3.0 iOS 8.4 jailbreak: After jailbreaking your device,TaiG installs new cydia version for iOS 8.1.3-8.X device automatic...

iOS 8.3 Arrived with Patching Another Jailbreak Exploit

Download iOS 8.3
After a one month from the release of iOS 8.2, the world’s largest mobile device manufacturer has released iOS 8.3 download to the public. New iOS 8.3 is now available via over the air. This time Apple included large number of improvements and bug fixes. It includes lots of security patches also. A well-known iOS hacker MuscleNerd had pointed out that this iOS 8.3 firmware included 39 security patches. He said this amount is higher than the number of security patches included to move from iOS 7 ...

jailbreak iOS 8.3 beta 1 is available ?

jailbreak ios beta 1
Apple has released iOS 8.3 beta 1, just after a week from iOS 8.1.3 public release. So everyone is looking for, whether a jailbreak iOS 8.3 beta 1 is available. At the moment jailbreaking fans are avoid the update to iOS 8.1.3. Because it has patched the kernel exploits used for the development of Taig jailbreak tool. The TaiG jailbreak tool could be used to jailbreak up to iOS 8.1.2. The jailbreaking community is right now recovering from the serious blow delivered by iOS 8.1.3 update. It seems...

iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak status for iPhone,iPad,iPod

jailbreak iOS 8.1.3
iOS 8.1.3 Jailbreak Apple has released iOS 8.1.3 to the public. And jailbreakers have to think twice before updating their devices’ firmware version to the latest iOS 8.1.3. Because it is reported that iOS 8.1.3 has patched the kernel exploits used for the famous TaiG jailbreak tool. Since there is no any. iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak tool out and if you wish to keep your device jailbroken, then you have to keep iOS 8.1.2 or a previous iOS version on your device. How iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak evolved …? S...

Apple released iOS 8.1.3 download with bug fixes

Download iOS 8.1.3
Apple released their latest iOS firmware version, i.e. iOS 8.1.3. Its release notes mentioned that this iOS 8.1.3 download includes several bug fixes and few performance enhancements. Most notably it has reduced the free space required for the forthcoming updates.There was no declaration that this has patched the kernel exploits used for TaiG jailbreak and PP jailbreak. However we believe iOS 8.1.3 jailbreak will be available very soon . So, it is better not to update to iOS 8.1.3 latest version...

download iOS 8.1.2 with bug fixes including ringtone issues and more

Download iOS 8.1.2
Following the release of iOS 8.1.1 in last November, Cupertino based Apple Company released another update to their firmware, named as iOS 8.1.2. At the beginning users are allowed to download iOS 8.1.2 only via OTA (Over-the-air) update. Later it was made available to download via iTunes.After the iOS 8.1.1 release, many users have updated their firmware version to it. Some of them have reported to Apple, that the ringtones bought from Apple have been disappeared from their devices, after firmw...