Find My Jailbreak, The Best Jailbreak Compatibility Checker

Jailbreak is a complex process for those who are new to the chapters. The absolute thing is it is a complicated practice until you switch to the best available options. There jailbreak tools and real jailbreak updates play an important role. “Find My Jailbreak” is an application which helps you to sort out the problems you face in such circumstances. So it’s our attempt to give all relevant details about this convenient jailbreak compatibility manager.

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Why we need “Find My Jailbreak”?

Jailbreak is a massive chapter in iOS, in fact it might sound shocking to those who are putting their first step. Truly the main intention of bringing an application like Find My Jailbreak is also to help beginners to get smartly with the process jailbreak on iOS. There are thousands of users involve in Jailbreaking iOS, as jailbreak let you get closer to the true potential of your iDevice. But it all depends on the compatibility of the tool you selected with your iOS and iDevice. So Find My jailbreak application comes here as a great supporter to find the best available option to match with the operating system version of your device.

Key Features of Find My Jailbreak


  • Know all available tools in one place

Even though there are number of tool for jailbreak, we cannot trust them all for a successful jailbreak. Through Find My jailbreak you will be able to know all jailbreak tools available for the iOS on your iDevice. And they come with inbuilt jailbreak guides to make sure you would never go wrong if you once get used to this secured application. In compatibility wise you are trouble free as it supports latest iOS versions and we can trust for iOS upcoming versions as well.

  • No more time waste

Through this compatibility checker you will be able to know all related information about jailbreak iOS, including iOS update notes, about available jailbreak tools, most recent facts about iOS upcoming and almost all you need to know about jailbreak iOS. So you can now save your precious time that was wasted earlier on number of clicks and searches to find the best jailbreak options you can have.

  • Free and Quick setup

Find My Jailbreak is a completely free application to use, it makes your jailbreak easier and quicker but it does not require any complications to get started. In fact you are only asked capture QR code on download section to install this application on your device.

  • You are not alone with Find My Jailbreak

With this applications you can join with the Cydia and jailbreak lovers all over the world. It is portal to join the jailbreak community. So you are no longer alone with Cydia inspirations.

  • Cydia Guide

If you get installed with Find My jailbreak, you will be able to get more than you expect. You can easily get with jailbreak guides and Cydia install guidelines to know free Cydia apps and more.


This app can be easily installed on your device without any complications. The steps as follows,

  • Step 1: Visit the official find my jailbreak website and scan the QR code
  • Step 2: Then tap to install when you find “Install app”
  • Step 3: Follow the screen instructions and it will complete the installation within few seconds

That is all you have to do in order to get this useful tool finder application on your iDevice. It prevent you from browsing hundreds of web pages for a compatible tool and let you gain jailbreak updates soon as they arrive.

No more chance for fake tools

This service will benefit beginners than who are almost engaged in jailbreak for certain time. For beginners it is absolutely hard to find the genuine tool to match with the iOS version in operation. So this application can be trusted as a convenient jailbreak finder. So you are no longer exposed for fake tools which contains destructive content. Find my jailbreak application is designed with a user supportive interface with admirable graphics. It simply detects the iOS version of your device and it will show the best jailbreak solution you can try. This is a smart concept to save your precious time and make your iDevice secured.