iOS 10.2 Jailbreak to Hit soon with Yalu

Bringing great news for the jailbreak community, Luca Todesco has once again reached public. As to him iOS 10.2 Jailbreak is quite near to its public arrival, targeting non-iPhone 7/7 Plus users with 64-bit devices. So this is all about the upcoming “Yalu” which will be soon hit public warning you not to upgrade iOS 10.2.1.

iOS 10.2 jailbreak

If you are a follower of all jailbreak facts, you must know about “Yalu + March Portal jailbreak” which came from Luca Todesco. And as Luca said, it addresses iOS 10.0.x-iOS 10.1.1 in semi-untethered techniques even with several limitations. And Luca warned users not to upgrade iOS 10.2 if they wish to take use of his Yalu tool. But with his recent word, it seems Luca has changed his work plan and now willing to expand the tool functions to iOS 10.2 jailbreak.  So now no onward you are warned not to upgrade iOS 10.2.1 and save blobs for iOS 10.2 to grab jailbreak benefits soon when it is dropped.

iOS 10.2 Jailbreak is on the way

As Luca is changing his mind, “Yalu + March Portal jailbreak” is getting compatible with iOS 10.2. As to his recent tweet, it is going to get support for non-iPhone 7/7 Plus devices on 64-bit range.  Which means it is going to work for iPhone 7/7 Plus on iOS 10-iOS 10.1, but not on iOS 10.2.

The reason for this has not explained by Luca. Maybe the exploit he is in work for Jailbreak iOS 10.2 is not workable on latest iPhone 7/7 Plus. And as he is not interested to burn any more exploit on iPhone 7 and Plus devices either, this limitation has applied to the upcoming iOS 10.2 jailbreak. So if you too wish to take use of the upcoming tool, Yalu, keeps this little fact in mind for no crashes.

iOS 10.2.1 is Coming

iOS 10.2 jailbreak

Soon with the release of second major iOS 10.2, Apple started spreading out betas of the next plan of them. In that way, iOS 10.2.1 will be out for public as the first minor update over iOS 10.2. And as now we see two beta releases for both developers and public testers, we could expect the final build without a much long.

At a glance, iOS 10.2.1 can be called a minor update. And as it still not displays anything major, we could expect the update to bring fixes and security improvements to iOS. And until we find the final build of iOS 10.2.1, we cannot exactly predict what it comes packed with. So let’s wait. But remember, it is not recommended for jailbreakers, where iOS 10.2 jailbreak is on the horizon.  Son in case if you upgrade 10.2.1 as soon as it is released, you could miss the chance for jailbreak you have been waiting this long. So get the decision with caution.

As we have seen in past, iOS 10.2 jailbreak could be expected in future too. And with the Luca’s latest tweet message, he has proven that he is working to extend the capabilities of “Yalu”. But as it put limitations on iPhone 7/ 7 Plus running iOS 10.2, you must make sure you are with the proper requirements to go on with the jailbreak.

A new jailbreak is now on the horizon. So stay tuned if you too like to get all genuine facts as soon as we encountered.