10.3 Released- iOS 10.3 Jailbreak Updates

Taking months of extensive testing, iOS 10.3 finally released to the public use. As the third major update to the operating system, it carries many notable features which would not let take off your eyes. But will that be same importance to the jailbreakers? This is our updated post from new firmware download to iOS 10.3 Jailbreak. So catch all new from us.

iOS 10.3 Jailbreak

Head iOS 10.3 Download

The new update comes in the build of 14E277. So those who are with iOS 10 supported 64-bit can now download iOS 10.3 easily following the OTA notification. You only have to navigate through Settings > General and get Software Update. But make sure to backup the device through iTunes or iCloud, power charge the device for sufficient scale and get connected to a stable WiFi network in prior to the download.

Although OTA updates are easy, you sometimes force to iTines manual installation. In fact, those who take 10.3 with the expect of iOS 10.3 jailbreak, you are recommended iTunes method to avoid possible errors. And if you have still not received the OTA notification to update, iTunes will the option for troubleless upgrade. But make sure to backup the device and power charge for sufficient amount as above which is quite longer taking with Windows/Mac PC help.

What’s New with iOS 10.3?

With all the features promised this far through seven betas, Apple caught many fans. In fact, 10.3 is a big update which could bring notable improvement in the user experience. So have a look on the complete changes log in the given picture.

iOS 10.3 jailbreak

At a glance, you will find 10.3 a massive upgrade to iOS. But do you think it will come with the same benefit to the jailbreaker?

What to Expect with iOS 10.3 Jailbreak?

The possibility of jailbreak iOS 10.3 is a lot questioned even before 10.3 released. But even at this point, the answer is a “No” as we currently find Yalu jailbreak as the only tool in the development. Then how long this will remain unchanged?

Thanks to Yalu by Todesco, 64-bit device got iOS 10-10.2 jailbreak. But as iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak, 10.3 are from different layers of security, Todesco not involving himself in them. So there, jailbreak and Cydia download above 10.2 appears different challenges for iOS hackers. Especially in view of 10.3, we find all level enhancements and feature changes like approach to Apple file system which could impact on the state of jailbreak too. But as it is just hard in the job than impossible, we invite you to stay tuned with all updates. However, as long as you can, stay to the lowest possible firmware. And until we get supported proof, we do not encourage jailbreakers to upgrade 10.3 as well.

iOS 11 is Coming

As most of the rumors suggest, iOS 10.3 is the final major release in the iOS 10. In fact, we will hardly get iOS 10.4 or above rather than few more minor updates addressing errors and possible bugs of iOS 10.3 times. Then what could be the plan of Apple after 10.3?

In the coming Worldwide Developer Conference (June) Apple is planning to preview iOS 11. So just like iOS 9.3, iOS 10.3 will probably be the concluding major iOS 10 update which has anyway gifted notable enhancements to the operating system. So to catch more about upcoming iOS 11, stay tuned.

Video Review to iOS 10.3

In concerned the jailbreak community, we never know what will happen. So we can do expect iOS 10.3 Jailbreak with the contribution of prominent jailbreak developers like Pangu, PP, TaiG and all as Todesco has clearly said he is not a part of it. So let’s now wait for more updates as we have 10.3 in hand.