iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak news

Many iOS lovers around the world wait to use the newest iOS 10.2.1 version within their iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. So, it has become real on the last 23rd of January 2017. Yes, the Apple company has released the latest update after 4 beta tests. and the newest version is released after 43days of the release of the iOS 10.2 to the public. While the iOS users enjoying the features of the latest version the jailbreak community is waiting to receive iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak tool. So, do you also aware about the iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak related news? Ok, then you can go through this article.

 iOS 10.2.1 is released to the public after 4 beta tests on Last January 2017. Within this update, the company has addressed to some bug fixes and also to improve the security contents of the firmware. So, with the release note developer has mentioned it is must update for the iDevice users. But if you are one of the jailbreak fans, then we recommend you to it is better to stay away from this update. For the other iOS users who are highly concern on the security content of their device is is good to update to the latest version.

iOS 10.2 Windows closed

On January 23rd Apple released the iOS 10.2.1 to the public as the minor updates to the iOS 10.2. Exactly after one week of the iOS 10.2.1 release on the last 30th of January  Apple has closed the windows to sign in to the iOS 10.2. So, if any iOS jailbreak user accidentally upgrades their device to the latest version and also wish to use iOS 10 jailbreak tool, in future then in previous days advice them to downgrade to iOS 10.2 immediately. But if any jailbreak lover unable to downgrade then now they are blocked in iOS 10.2.1. Apple has closed the window and now they can’t go back. So, they want to wait another time period to use iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak tool in future.

iOS 102.1 jailbreak

Actually, this is a normal thing followed by the Apple company. After each and every iPhone firmware release within some specific time, the company is closed the windows to log into the previous versions. Through this, the developer is planned to keep their iPhone, iPad and iPod users with the latest update. so, this time also they have done their job at the correct time.

Yalu jailbreak tool in progress

The developer of the Yalu jailbreak tool released the tool to the public on last December 2016. But the tool is not stable at the time and it is still in beta stage. Now the developer has released the 7th beta to the public. Yes, it is must mention the Yalu tool is firstly released to support for iOS 10.1.1 and then in January developer has upgraded the tool to comply with iOS 10.2. But at the beginning, the tool is limited to few iOS devices and now it has widened. And Luca mentions that his exploit for iOS 10.2 will not applicable for iOS 10.2 running iPhone 7 series. But now on Luca has tweeted as “To clear it up: Yalu1011 for iPhone 7 will be updated at some point. Just not a priority right now. Got stuff to do.” So, this means the latest device users will also occupy the chance in future.

But at the time we haven’t found enough news related to iOS 10.2.1 jailbreak. And we can expect from the hacker Luca or well known Hacking groups will release the tool to the public in future. But at the time we can’t surely mention about the time period so you need to wait sometimes.