iPhone X Jailbreak – 5 hidden features

Since there are numerous reports with highlights of warmest iPhone models, we brought a couple of hidden ones of the iPhone X and that will certainly astound you or down. Will Cydia download iPhone X will recover them? Those who craving entirety of iPhone X jailbreak can refer our prior guidance for further. Here we go through all we captured that you should know.

iphone x jailbreak

Hidden features of iPhone X

Fast charging

It is great having such a beneficial feature here and that even have for iPhone 8 users too. It is just 30 minutes that take to charge your iPhone from 0% to 50%. This is one warning even the Company noted, which developers just tested with a USB-C charger more willingly than very own 5W power adapter that issue with phones. Therefore, it appears that we may not be able to capture it right away though it is a pretty cool feature that better capture here.

OLED protection

As respective OLED display has been identified to basis burn in happening the screen, developers contained software to the eleventh iOS firmware that will support moderate just that. Since there is no further amplification, it is quite tough to guess how it works.

iphone x jailbreak

Hide the Notch

This is the Notch that most of you surely wonder for. Some of you might disappoint for the Notch is not as frequent. But the truth is, it will no longer available there once you start watching videos.

Slow wireless charging

It’s amazing that we could finally arrive at wireless charging that supports by particular back panels of each iPhone X and 8 devices. But on the other hand, fast wireless charges will just output 7.5W in accordance with reports of accessory associates. Honestly, it is a huge disappointment for even Samsung captured 15W output which is 2x faster than Apple.

iphone x jailbreak


This is a feature that connected with the Clips application. This stands to replace the user’s surrounding with 3D background, after manipulating enriched filters for the whole body throughout the hottest TrueDepth camera being the face of the iPhone X. this can simply turn around 360 grades and the scenery of the surrounding endure to modify. Is it wonderful right? But there is a hidden deal that you should watch the video live to move through them.

Behind iPhone X jailbreak

Its proud knowing 2K17 iDevices as only Smartphones that contained some features either there are few unworthy too. Though it is clear that iPhone X jailbreak is not alive yet, of course, there is a doubt it won’t or will someday? Though there were demos, planning and jailbreak evidence just after respective Golden Master version launches in prior years, its pity there is nothing yet for iOS 11 GM download. Within next couple of days, its staggering chapter will unwrap as scheduled. For some rumors say that jailbreak iPhone X will have to face both firmware and hardware security barriers than ever, it is anxious to find the circumstance. Stay with us for still there are many topics around iPhone X and even iPhone 8 that you should not slip.

By the way, if still there are no features that you absolutely wished through iOS 11 and latest iDevices, you need to worry about nothing. Just keep your eagle eye for iPhone X jailbreak. There will be a sign soon after its shipping on 4th November. Stay tuned.