iPod touch 4th Generation

iPod touch features


  • The camera – there are two cameras available on iPod touch 4th gen. also it offers you to get photos and video on 800*600 and up in seconds.
  • Sound keys– you can increase and decrease sounds easily by touching the side buttons.
  • Speakers– iPod touch speakers can find from the bottom of the device.
  • Home button– this special key is available for various tasks such as, restart the iPod touch, quit crash apps and etc.
  • Jack of the Headphone – the headphone jack is used to plug-in the Headphones.

Jailbreak iPod Touch


Requirements to jailbreak iPod touch

1. An internet connection 2. A computer 3. Also you need to download sn0wbreeze 2.9.14. 4 iTunes 5. An iPod Touch

 Step guide to Jailbreak iPod touch

  • Join the iPod to the Pc.
  • Download sn0wbreeze.(you can download sn0wbreeze from the above mentioned link)
  • Navigate to the download folder, and then you will appear a compressed file named as

    Download snowbreeze v2.9.14

  • Extract “sn0wbreeze 2.9.13.zip file to the folder as you wish
  • Next you have to navigate to the above mentioned extracted compressed file and enter into it
  • Then launch “sn0wbreeze v2.9.14.exe”.sn0wbreeze
  • Then do a click on OK on the first screen and after that click “Close Credits” on the next screen.
  • Next to that click the blue next arrow at the bottom. Then enter to this path “Start>Control Panel>Folder Options
  • Then enter to the ‘Views’ tab.
  • Then ensure that the box that “Show hidden files and folders” is already checked.
  • Then you will meet IPSW screen to choose
  • Then you have to do a click on “browse” and after that navigate to data folder of application
  • When you enter to the application data folder you will appear a there will be a folder called “Apple computer” or “Apple”
  • Then enter to the Apple computer or Apple folder
  • Then go to iTunes
  • Then extract software updates of iPad
  • Next to that choose the IPSW file
  • Then you will have to click “open”
  • Again navigate to the App Data folder and the open following folders in order: Roaming, Apple computer, iTunes, and iPod software updates folders.
  • After that choose IPSW file
  • Next click ‘open’
  • Then you will appear a message on the screen as Identifying IPSW
  • After then you’ll got IPSW verified screen
  • Then do a click on ‘next’
  • Then from the pop up window select ‘simple mode’
  • Then click on ‘next’
  • Please wait patiently till the process complete
  • After the process complete click ‘ok’
  • Then please follow the DFU mode instructions
  • Then you will appear a message on a pop up window as “Your device is now in a PWNED DFU State (Black Screen)”
  • Click ‘ok’

Yet we show about sn0wbreeze guidelines… From here you can continue the jailbreak with iPod touch

  • Sync the iPod touch and have a back up
  • Enter to the folders
  • then replace the sn0wbreeze_iPod Touch 4-4.3.3.ipsw file to folder iPod Software Updates from the desktop.
  • Now enter to the iTunes
  • Then navigate to your iPod touch categorized under the section of the devices
  • Then please click “restore”
  • Then you have to restore to the nearly back-up of the iPod touch
  • Then sync the iPod touch
  • congratulations… you have successfully jailbroken the iPod touch now. Now you will appear a ‘cydia’ icon. Now you can go ahead with unlimited apps on cydia.