iTools Download for iPhone, iPod or iPad

iTools download is the best tool for transfer or manage your iPhone apps, photo, music, videos, files etc. iTools is totally free to download and tiny software. So it is really easy to handle and use. This tool compatible with all the series of iPhone, iPod and iPad. You do not need to install iTools. Just copy and run the iTools application.

iTools developed by ThinkSky team. It is a user friendly tool as well as iTools download tool has more functions rather than the iFunBox and iTunes. A lot of iPhone, iPad, iPod users now moving to iTools because it consist all the requirements and features than the iFunbox and the iTunes. The latest version is 2013 Beta 0524. Download iTool now. Both iTools mac version and iTools windows version now available.

                                     iTools mac       iTools windows version

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Features of iTools download application

iTools details interface iTools details interface come up with few improvements. New interface shows you type of iPhone, Serial number, Activated status, Jailbreak status, Reagan, Memory details, Battery life etc.

iTools media section – Media manager display all the media files under the ringtones, video, iTunes U, Podcast etc categories on your iDevice. There is an option to upload media files, download media files, play music even delete media files.

iTools Photos iBook manager – There is a facility to manage photos and iBook to access iBooks and photo library. From there you can upload or delete photos etc.

iTools informations – iTools has an ability to call records, contacts and messages. And also you can send messages via iTools.

iTools File system browser – iTools allows you to browse file system of your iPhone.

To get more idea about itools watch the following video.



Credits for developers

  • iTools download tool developed by ThinkSky team