iTools 4 Download – The perfect management

In fact, iTools is everything about your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch’s flawless management. It is not just an alternative to iTunes. iTools 4 download has all you desire since far. Throughout this brave devotee, you can arrange things orderly, administrate media files, edit and everything in a decent manner. Of course, it is totally free with tons of features at this time in an advanced approach. It is the version 4 to support almost all iDevices functioning iOS 11 and lower. And it does not difficulty either your device is a non-jailbreak or jailbreak for it is just a manager of the operating system.

itools 4 download

Why is it so important?

Unless you are an expert of iTools, you might wonder why iTools download is so important while having iTunes and plenty other alternatives. Of course, there is a great reason that iTools became the most brilliant choice.

The first thing is iTools has a well-established program which simply recovers whatever of your trouble related to files, folders, media collection or whatever data file. Though iTunes as well capable to arrange you the same function, it has a couple of complicated stages to pass. And it collected stuff that wastes your time without letting you through the task quickly. On the other hand, any third-party competitor cannot carry out such brave tasks like iTools. Furthermore, for all the other has just a couple of features, this brings you much better and interesting that you can encounter from now.

iTools 4 download features

Here is the list of iTools 4 download features. Since these are just highlighted ones, you will encounter more than this once you start walking through. Unquestionably, there is no other identical application which can beat the official iTunes like iTools do. It specifically created to function throughout three key categories namely, Device management, Data management and Advanced features as follow.

itools 4 download

Device management

  • Real-time desktop
  • Desktop management
  • Portable disk

Data management

  • Data migrate
  • Ringtone maker
  • Super backup/restore
  • File Explorer
  • iCloud Photo management
  • iTunes Backup and restore

Advanced features

  • Real-time log
  • SSH channel
  • Firmware download
  • Crash reports
  • Flush Wizard


iTools compatibility has two separate categories that you have to count on. The first thing is what is the operating system that able to support its functionality? It is simple for you to have both Macintosh and Windows. While Windows XP up to 10 including Vista is acceptable, it should be Mac OS X 10.8 and higher when it comes to Apple Mac.

And the next thing is device compatibility. Is there any restriction against iDevices? Not at all. As we indicated, all your device have to compile is iOS 7.0 up to the recent iOS 11 and later. You are welcome either it is an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

And finally, as the only requirement, your PC should be installed iTunes latest for its functionality internally allied with.

Wrapping up

Well, whatever query you had with iTunes management can resolve in a brilliant approach throughout the hottest iTools 4 download. Just set up the free application on your compatible Windows or Mac. By the way, stay for further updates of this beloved manager which is the perfect choice you can ever do.