“Latest MacBook Pro”(Retinal display/Healthy Laptop)


New apple MacBook Pro latest release of Mac devices.It has 5 millions pixels in display.Excellent picture condition in this device. You can choose 14-inch and 15-inch display sizes of it. It has really attractive interface. MacBook Pro supporting allĀ  Mac applications.iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie,etc

HD support is helping you to complete your tasks in real world graphical interface.You can run lot of graphical application from MacBook Pro easily. Real 3D is another function in this device.

Fourth generation processor included in MacBook Pro. Both dual-core and quad-core. 802.11 ac Wi-fi and thunderbolt 2 , MacBook Pro with “Rentina display”. Storage capacity is really high in this device. 3.0 USB ports can provide high speed to your data transfers. You can get wonderful experience you that ever had from Mac device.

It is very thin and light. You can carry MacBook Pro easily place to place.It is really important to say it not like other laptops.

Heat and radiation can be cause cancers in your laps. MacBook Pro reduced heat and radiation by automatic system. You can work many hours without any case.

MacBookPro 4MacBookPro 3

MacBookPro 4MacBookPro 5

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