low-priced 8 GB i phone 5C ,released in many countries

apple company has released low price 8GB i phone recently.now you can purchase it in more than 14 countries . specially in Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Finland, Ireland, china…


  • the selling price of this phone depend on the countries which you buy.also you can get  8GB i phone 5C from apple store ( online or close to your home ) but no chance to get low-priced 8 GB i phone 5C in USA. collect  i phone 5C in many colours.


  • You can anticipate a €50 reduction for this low-priced I phone 5C.the 8GB I phone 5C is inexpensive when you buy with 2 year agreement from local carriers. this I phone is £40 less than the 16GB I phone 5C in u.k. in china ,the price of the 8GB is 400 Yuan less than the I phone 16GB.8GB iphone now available in france this phone costs €559.in GERMANY it costs € 549 .also the price of 8GB in Australia is AUD $ 679.
  • A6 chip
  • Ios 7 operation system 
  • BATTERY LIFE is long up to 10 hours. (Talk Time, Video Playback) 
  • Ultra fast wireless – It gives supper download speed with more networks around in the world
  • 8MP isight camera, 4 inch Retina display & Panorama (to get high quality and high resolution shots of things) 
  • HD Video with the new 3X zoom option 
  • HD CAMERA (Larger pixels & an improved backside illumination sensor)  
  • Apple bring 6 colorful Apple- designed cases to your iphone 5c .so you can add any case you like .Always it will protect your I phone. Hurry up…make- it -yourself 

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