Pangu 9.3.2 May Drop Soon

iOS 10 which was unwrapped at the event WWDC will take us to September for its official release, until then Apple willing to update iOS 9 to make all satisfied with a stable iOS experience. By now developers are getting closer to iOS 9.3.3 release and its fifth beta version has almost released for all developers and public testers. But current latest is still iOS 9.3.2.

As Apple has decided to update iOS 9 until latest 10 comes, hackers are also willing to keep jailbreakers happy by ending this long pause continued since iOS 9.1 jailbreak announcement in March. In that way, a lot of focus is on iOS 9.3.2, which is current latest comes in a stable base including fixes and improvements to iOS 9 platform. As to most trusted reviews Pangu 9.3.2 may drop in anytime, so here is our updated note on next iOS 9 jailbreak announcement willing to come without a much delay. So read on and know whether you have a chance or not.

Pangu 9.3.2

MOSEC Security Conference 2016

MOSEC 2016 was held on July 1st, and it has co-hosted by team Pangu. The event has moved with a lot of consideration to latest iOS 10, but Pangu has not forgotten to give a hint to remind that they are still in work of a iOS 9 jailbreak. With iOS 10 arrival, most believed jailbreakers are going to to skip iOS 9 recent versions. But now Pangu is ready to come with their next iOS 9 jailbreak making rumors false. In that way Pangu 9.3.2 is largely expected within month July.

Pangu 9.3.2

As to what Pangu revealed at the event, a public iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak tool must have released by now. But making everyone puzzled, Pangu has not come with a tool yet. However the wait is still not over, so Pangu 9.3.2 may drop in anytime as the best result for the long wait since March.

When will Cydia fans get a Chance?

iOS 9.1 is the current latest which has Cydia install rights and we were unable to hear anything official from jailbreak side after Apple patched exploits from iOS 9.2 to above. In that way, what Pangu has hinted at MOSEC is absolutely interesting. In fact it encourages jailbreak fans for iOS 9.3.2 jailbreak soon from Pangu.

Even though a date or specific time has not revealed by Pangu, they have hinted of something surprising not more than a week. In that way Pangu has taken more time than they promised, but still Pangu 9.3.2 is expected with a high hope. As things are taking more time than it supposed, most has turned to iOS 9.3.3 jailbreak instead of iOS 9.3.2. But in our view, the chance is still with iOS 9.3.2. So keep hopes and wait.

Cydia 9.3.2

iOS 9.1 was dropped at an unexpected moment being only worth for a little number of Cydia fans. But if Pangu 9.3.2 releases, a large number of jailbreakers would get Cydia 9.3.2.

As Cydia has been updated to with latest Cydia tweaks and apps, Pangu 9.3.2 is more needed to enjoy Cydia changes in 2016. So Pangu is trusted for soon tool release within month July. If you like to know more, keep visiting us for all latest iOS jailbreak facts. And hope to write you back with Pangu 9.3.2 which may drop in any moment.