How to put my iphone,I pad ,I pod into Recovery Mode

If some idevice users need to restore or upgrade with a custom firmware  but they don’t know how to put idevice into Recovery Mode exactly. This lessen will explain what is meant by Recovery Mode & how to put any idevice into Recovery Mode. DFU Mode & Recovery Mode these Modes are not the same. Recovery Mode doesn’t permit to downgrade or jailbreak but it allows upgrading or restoring the firmware.

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Steps for Recovery Mode

  • Turn off idevice [if your idevice is stuck, hold down the home and power (sleep, wake) button until the idevice screen goes off. Then leave the buttons quickly.
  • Attach the USB cable to your pc but don’t plug in your idevice.
  • Now attach your idevice to the USB cable while press and hold the home button. After connecting to itunes you can leave home button. Then you can see the massage shown below on your pc.


  • By now your idevice screen will go like this. All done.