An untethered jailbreak package arrived as BetterHomeDepot

Here is everything behind the hottest jailbreak update. It is all about a factual untethered utility after a long launched by the same developer of Phoenix and that addressed iOS 9.3.5 a couple of days back. However, the hottest update called BetterHomeDepot untethered jailbreak which opened for 32bit iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 9.1 to iOS 9.3.4 as an alternative for prior Home Depot breakout. It is amazing to let you know that jailbreakers once more victory the battle fixing a stable tool. It seems this is going to rewrite the history putting semi-untethered to an end.

In accordance with reports, the brave developer Tihmstar firstly dropped a video clip to YouTube using an iPhone 4s. As it appeared, he used 9.3.4 which is the highest from recommended. The iDevice clearly proved that it captured Cydia download perfectly noting that it is trustworthy.

untethered jailbreak

More about the untethered jailbreak iOS 9.3.4

Thanks to Phoenix jailbreak developer Tihmstar, hackers could bring back the crown to the community after an extended. There is no doubt of his influential launches for we already have the downgrade supporter Prometheus and the Phoenix as well.

Anyhow, let’s turn back to the dwelling BetterHomeDepot jailbreak. As you already get to know, this is an advanced utility than we had which perfectly offer untethered jailbreak status for respective iDevices. But there is a long gap between older untethered breakouts for it can only play around 32-bit ranges running iOS 9.3.4 to iOS 9.1. Thus, it is important to keep in your mind, this opportunity will open for you if you are with respective firmware or else wisely set aside SHSH2 blobs and that support to downgrade to.

From where to download the BetterHomeDepot untethered jailbreak?

untethered jailbreak

This is the most significant chapter of this narration. You must comprehend that this is not a frequent jailbreak tool. Then what? It is a package that comes for jailbroken devices. Therefore, confirm you are broken with previous HomeDepot and remain with Cydia. If everything being perfect, you can open the Cydia app store and pick up the certain package from respective “”. Besides, if you are an iPhone 4s holder, it is glad to say that you are lucky to be an out-of-the-box user. The rest of you have to set your device offset.

Video guide


For this might occur bootloop issues, developer suggests you reboot around ten times to adjust as the only troubleshooting tip.

Wrapping up

Tihmstar became one of leading jailbreakers of the community with the announcement of BetterHomeDepot untethered jailbreak package. Before you go through, hark back that this is not a frequent utility for jailbreak iOS 9.3.4 – iOS 9.1. While suggesting 32bit-only it also comes as a package from Cydia app store. Let your iDevice spread arms becoming an untethered.

While 64bit users worry about the upcoming jailbreak iOS 11, Tihmstar became a great sign for jailbreakers having the key. Since it is pretty cool collecting amazing updates repeatedly, hope the journey of iOS 11 as well will come to a perfect end.